Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RIP Gene P. I. Duffy

It's so sad that he passed away. Sarc just kept eating away at him for so long. Gene was at the point he couldn't take prednisone because the damage from preds was feared to be worst from that of sarcoidosis itself. Although I only knew Gene through facebook and the Sila site and we didn't really communicate much. I did know that he comforted a lot of people through humor. I'm sad to see him go and will miss his facebook posts. Don't worry Gene, your daughter posted that she will take good care of Shackleton.
I know you suffered a lot Gene now it's time to rest in peace.

Prayers go out to the family...

Sarcoid free 2 years now

Haven't written much I have really been focusing on my goals and appreciating all the little things. Not sure if I'm out of the woods completely and don't really care. Not sure wether to call it remission or something else but I do know that it's important to take time to look around and smell the roses. As far as I'm concerned I fired my doctor (or so he said). I still think about it because I don't want to let myself forget.

Just thought I'd check in...

Sarcoidosis United

Sarcoidosis United
Sarcoidosis United