Monday, September 24, 2012

Bernie Mac Speaking about Sarcoidosis in a Radio Interview 2009

I never came across this till now but though I would share an article on Bernie speaking of sarcoidosis.

Bernie Mac Speaks Candidly About Sarcoidosis

"What do Floyd Mayweather Sr., Tisha Campbell-Martin, Evander Holyfield, Bill Russell and Angie Stone have in common? They are all victims of Sarcoidosis.
Bernie McCain addresses a disease that effects many in the African American community but is little discussed. Sarcoidosis is a disease due to inflammation. The disease is characterized by the presence of granulomas, small areas of inflamed cells. They can be either inside the body or on the body’s exterior, appearing as sores on the face or shins. This afternoon at 5 pm, Bernie will have in studio Kim Carrie Grant to talk about how she deals with Sarcoidosis and on our News Line, Dr. Gavin Henry of St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore".
Not the biggest or best article out there but the writer made a great attempt to spread awareness. Unfortunately it's not done enough. 

Sarcoidosis United

Sarcoidosis United
Sarcoidosis United