Saturday, October 24, 2009

R.I.P. Steve L. Jefferson

Steve Passed away August 30th of this year. He was only 38 years old. The news was shocking as I found out on my news feed in facebook. I froze for what seemed like forever. You know when 10 billion thoughts go through your mind I guess that means you brain is trying to process the information. I never personally knew Steve but I have exchanged messages with him  several times. I can tell you what I had admired about him most is that as bad as his condition was. He never felt sorry for himself and I never saw him complaining about his symptoms. That's a role model and a hero in my book. I want people to know that. I would love for all those that read this blog entry to go to his facebook tribute page and just write a message for Steve. Even if you don't know him. If you have sarcoidosis and are dealing with this disease or know someone who is dealing with it then you in a way you did know Steve Jefferson. All of us who dealt with not being able to breath, night sweats, Pain, and too many other to mention symptoms then You knew who Steve was.
Something really important if we are to advance medical treatment or just find out more about this disease through research in the medical community is the spreading of awareness. You have this disease and don't like to talk about it I suggest you do. I start off by Mentioning Bernie Mac because everyone knew who he was. Sometimes some of us look great on the outside and on the inside we feel like crap, well that's something worth mentioning too. Tell as many people as you can and do it because you want them to know this is out there not because you want them to feel bad for you. Wear your sarcky Shirt, your red Sarcoidosis bracelet and display the purple ribbon so people can see it. Steve always talked about spreading awareness, so for him I will do the best I can to do just that.

One of the reasons breast cancer cases are down in current times is because there has been so many advancements in early detection all thanks to awareness efforts.

If your the praying type then prayers are needed for the Jefferson family as they get through this tough time.

His wife Londonne is determined to pick up where Steve left off in spreading awareness. She is a strong woman who is going through a lot with her kids and her family. Let's show her she is not alone in this struggle and visit the facebook tribute page.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mayweather's "Rare Lung Disease"

An article came out on Floyd Mayweather Sr and mentioned his "disease" sarcoidosis. I wish the article would have gone into it a little bit more but hey at least they spelled sarcoidosis correctly right?

I feel bad for Mayweather even though he probably wouldn't want anyone to feel bad for him. Especially since he can still whoop somebody's ass, mine included. I just hate for people to have to go through that period. I'm glad he's feeling better as per the article he is eating organic foods and is doing well but no mention of what medication he is on if any but the article does state that thet "his rare lung disease, sarcoidosis, is under control, ." Whatever that means...

I wish him well and hope he really does have it under control. I also hope he talks about it more because the more he does the more coverage and exposure this disease might get. 

Here is the article

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well, I guess it's all in my head. My primary doctor and I got ahead of ourselves here. Swollen lymphnode in my neck + Coughing+ High ace levels= Nothing? After a lung scan and breathing tests my specialist in New York Dr. Alvin Tierstien said to me that I was still sarcoid free. He then asked if I'm really there because I miss him. Joking aside I still need to find out why I sound like I smoke 5 packs a day for 100 years. My voice is really hoarse and and it doesn't hurt. I gotta go back to my primary so she can explain the ace, the lymphnodes and everything else. I guess I'm just being paranoid?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Blood work came back and ace levels up to 86. Just as I suspected after finding a slightly enlarged lymph node. I thought it was gone and carried on as such, although it's not confirmed until I go into my pulmonary specialist to do x rays my coughing today tells me what's coming.

Sad yes, feel sorry for myself no, I know what I need to do now. 

I'll do it with the help of family and friends including some sarko's I met along the way.

hasta la proxima!

Note to self:
Do something about the high cholesterol while your at it.

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