Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well, I guess it's all in my head. My primary doctor and I got ahead of ourselves here. Swollen lymphnode in my neck + Coughing+ High ace levels= Nothing? After a lung scan and breathing tests my specialist in New York Dr. Alvin Tierstien said to me that I was still sarcoid free. He then asked if I'm really there because I miss him. Joking aside I still need to find out why I sound like I smoke 5 packs a day for 100 years. My voice is really hoarse and and it doesn't hurt. I gotta go back to my primary so she can explain the ace, the lymphnodes and everything else. I guess I'm just being paranoid?


David McClendon said...

Hi. Are you using any inhalers, like Combivent or Advair? Side effects include hoarseness. Patients taking the drugs are advised to gargle and rinse after doses.

I hope you feel better. - David

DRojo said...

You know what I just read on a forum that Zytec D can cause hoarsness. I have been popping these like a drunken celebrity. I had my last ne yesterday let's see if this is it.


And I hope your doing better!

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