Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mayweather's "Rare Lung Disease"

An article came out on Floyd Mayweather Sr and mentioned his "disease" sarcoidosis. I wish the article would have gone into it a little bit more but hey at least they spelled sarcoidosis correctly right?

I feel bad for Mayweather even though he probably wouldn't want anyone to feel bad for him. Especially since he can still whoop somebody's ass, mine included. I just hate for people to have to go through that period. I'm glad he's feeling better as per the article he is eating organic foods and is doing well but no mention of what medication he is on if any but the article does state that thet "his rare lung disease, sarcoidosis, is under control, ." Whatever that means...

I wish him well and hope he really does have it under control. I also hope he talks about it more because the more he does the more coverage and exposure this disease might get. 

Here is the article

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