Sunday, August 14, 2011

Get your TeeGee sarcoidosis awareness shirts here!

It's been awhile but The Gardener is at it again. Just wanted to let you all know shirts are still available and new hilarious ones added.

TeeGee has one of the most astute and warm sense of humor I have ever encountered and a hero in my book for doing so much to help spread awareness.

Get your shirts right here

The Gardener's Sarcoidosis Awareness Workshop

And meet Capt Sarcoidosis Awareness and find out what a Snarkie Sarckie  is.

A little bit about the Gardener. (Copied and pasted from the shirt site)

theGardener is the founder of the grassroots Snarky Sarkie© Campaign to increase world wide awareness of Sarcoidosis. theGardener is the creator of the comic strip Rabid Barking Lymph Nodes© the world's first Sarcoidosis comic. He is also the author of My Pet Demon: A Sarcoidosis Journal© featured on the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research Stop Sarcoidosis Community web site. 

His journal, focusing on his own experiences with Sarcoidosis for over 20 years has a unique sarcastic twist and uplifting humorous tone. theGardener feels that humor is the best medicine and an effective way to convey a message and therein lies the core of the Snarky Sarkie© Sarcoidosis Awareness grassroots movement.

“ I am inspired by anyone who... in spite of tragedy or in the face of illness that is unfair and contrary, still throws a leg over the side of the bed and gets on with the business of living. That's guts and fortitude.” — theGardener

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