Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Never feel sorry for yourself

I was sitting in the doctor's office reading November's people magazine. Michael J Fox was on the cover and it featured a story on him and his Parkinson’s disease. I used to love Fox in movies growing up in the mid eighties, Although I'm registered as a democrate he made me want to be a republican from watching growing pains. Well, He goes on to talk about this disease Saying that judging on how he feels he has 10 good years left. The meds that he is on helps him but the progression of this disease is unavoidable. There will come a time that meds will probably do him no good. He asks not to feel sorry for him because, ""is part of an amazing life." And it's not "an otherwise amazing life," he clarifies. "It's part of what makes my life amazing."

I think I understands what he means even though sarcoidosis is not as bad as having Parkinson's. It's Truly an admirable thing to say.  My Favorite Uncle Yiyo died this year, he had Parkinson's, it was sad to see him go from very active senior to just not being able to walk at all. This blog is all things sarcoidosis but I think we can take a couple of lessons here from good ol' Michael J Fox. 

learn to grateful for what you have, even if it is an incurable disease.

His foundation has raised over 130 million for research

The Michael J Fox Foundation

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