Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Something to write about

What now? The whole point of this blog was to put down how crappy I feel so other reading it wouldn't feel like they were the only one. I never made this a blog about my life in fact I don't even use my name, really. I wanted it to be about sarcoidosis, news update on m health and all things sarc. 

What to do? 


Cold-Hollow said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been blogging about Sarcoid for a few months now. But something's been changing on the Net, and I think it's because the shock of Bernie Mac's death related to this disease is fading in popular memory.
There are no new advances in the treatment or awareness of Sarcoidosis, and there's only a very small handful of people posting their experiences with this disease, including us. You, me, Mike, and Naimah. I get a Google Alert every time Sarc is mentioned on the Net, and these days the automatic emails are few and far between. 1/3 of them are from my own posts.
There was some interest in my blog for a while, but now it's 98% webcrawlers indexing my site.
Your posts and pictures do show up in the top percentile on any Sarcoid image or blog or web searches. Your information is available for the curious or someone who was just diagnosed and doesn't have any experience surviving with this disease.
My wife had been blogging, but I had never considered a blog of my own to express my life, until I found Mike's and yours. I'm 125 soul healing posts into my experience with Sarcoid, and whatever else may occur to me.
I just want to say thanks for being there, by blogging and providing new information when you did. I appreciate it.
You don't have to mothball the sark blog forever. If there's ever anything new or interesting just let us Snarky Sarkies know every now and then. If I understand correctly, your sarc has taken a (permanent?) vacation. If so, that's so awesome!
Start a new blog, with some new alias, maybe even set up a private one only friends and family can see. My wife intends to have my blog turned into a little book after I'm gone (If sarc gets me) because it's kind of a memorial as to how I think and my journey coping with the disease.
Thanks again, hope to hear more from you in the future.
Take care of yourself, and be well.

Sarcoidosis Untied said...

Hey Steve thanks for the kind words. Remission could be permanent or this thing could come back without a moments notice however I will enjoy the time away from it. In the 2+ years dealing with this disease it has changed me as a person and all of a sudden it's gone. Like I lost my membership to an exclusive club or something.

Thanks, again compadre

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