Sunday, September 27, 2009

Circle of Sarc

When you go through some lengthy medical hardships like we do it become a 7th sense sort of to know your body's state of health. Sort of like a heightened state of health alertness if you will. We know our bodies and when we are sick when to take a double dose of preds, how far it will get us. In a way some of us know more than doctors. At least after 2 years of dealing with this disease that is how I feel. 

The last 2 weeks I have been feeling a bit out of norm. Short of breath a bit of fatigue and today I found a lump under my jawbone that feels like an enlarged lymphnode. I have had plenty of them that's how I know what they feel like.

It's a a bit scary to think after 8 months on the path to normal that this thing might be coming back. I went to my regular doctor and she found a a lump in my stomach, she attribute it to scaring from surgery. I asked her to check my ace levels as I knew something just didn't feel right.

What ever happens happens, I'm ready for whatever comes I just hope it's not too bad I'm really focused on work right now.

Cross your fingers for me and hope it's just all in my head


Blah*Blog*GirL said...

I'm praying for you. Good luck! Take care.

David McClendon said...

Good luck, my friend.

- David

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