Friday, November 7, 2008

Beethoven What did you say?

It's pretty inspiring to think of people who had to overcome major obstacles in order to achieve their objections. Beethoven although deaf composed some of the most comprehensive melodically music known to mankind. Did the fact that he suffered from a systematic disease help him become successful? It is said the after Post diagnoses some doctors thought he has suffered from Sarcoidosis.  If it's true I think it shows the level of accomplishment one can have while dealing with a chronic disease. 

He is on of the articles supporting Beethoven having sarcoidosis

Makes you think really and I wonder how many people died of this disease and not even know or having been misdiagnosed. 

relating to this and why I ask if it sarc made him become successful is because it's my personal belief that the more you struggle the more prepared you are to go through walls to accomplish things. 

There is a saying by  Cuban poet and nationalist leader Jose Marti.

"Man needs to suffer. When he does not have real griefs he creates them. Griefs purify and prepare him."  

These words to me ring true. At first it seems like nonsense but when you really think about it it applies to a lot of cases and to sarcoid sufferers and not limited to sarcoid sufferers but what about cancer survivors? Those people I look up to.

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