Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kveim-Siltzbach test

I had this test performed at Mt Sinai Medical center where the test was developed, it was not covered by my insurance and the test was optional. The doctor sticks a needle somewhere right under your skin. Similar to a TB test. A few weeks later, if something manifests itself on the site it is biopsied and can be definitively diagnosed sarcoidosis.

This is the biggest problem with this disease and others that lack funding. There are no standardize testings to confirm diagnoses and no screenings. I bet there are so many more people out there with sarcoids and even died from it and never got diagnosed.  Hopefully further studies will produce a more standardized testing for diagnoses of sarcoidosis. Right now the Kveim test if positive, a definitive diagnoses but if negative it doesn't mean you don't have sarcoidosis

This Wiki article does a really good job at explaining the pathology side look at the pictures titled Necrosis in granulomas
Also try this article The Kveim-Siltzbach Test 

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