Thursday, November 13, 2008

Famous people with sarcoidosis *Updated 9/23/12*

Ok, I know this has been done before but I got a few new names that I wasn't aware of previously.

Bernie Mac   Comedian and actor
Karen Duffy   Former MTV VJ and Revlon Model
Bill Russell   Basketball legend
Reggie White   Football great
Van Ludwig Beethoven   Music composer
Tisha Campbell-Martin   Actress (remember her from the show Martin)
Evander Hollyfield   Boxing legend, very little info out there to support this one
Angie Stone    Singer
Travis Michael Holder   Actor, playwright and reviewer in the LA theatre scene
Daisy Fuentes   Former MTV VJ, Model & TV Host
Downtown Julie Brown   was the host of the dance show "Club MTV" from 1985-1992
Floyd Mayweather Sr.   Boxer, Boxer trainer, father of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

*Thanks for the Tip Anonymous

William Shakespeare   is thought to have had sarcoidosis but it's not yet proven

only a few of these are actually confirmed
Anyone know of any more, holla!

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Downtown Julie Brown and Daisy Fuentes.

Anonymous said...

Tisha Campbell-Martin also has it.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Levert, Rickey Dillard

Anonymous said...

Beethoven had it as well along with singet Mahalia Jackson

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