Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another trip to the emergency room

i just got admitted to a room. 
i was having breakfast around 11am when all of a sudden i get hit with this pain in my abdomen. im thinking it's my lymph nodes again. after some time the pain intesifies sorry for all the typos btw crappy touch screen keyboard. the pain was unbearable, long story short they think it's small bowl blockage maybe caused by hernia or old scar tissue from previous surgery. they say it's not sacoid related but ibwas thinking if it ws hernia it might have been caused by recent surgery

the pain went away and i feel good no meds yet just a ct scan

The above is what I wrote from the little internet device from the hospital room. I just got home. I spoke with a surgeon who thinks it's a hernia in my navel area. Possibly left vulnerable from a previous sarc related surgery in that very same spot. 

The pain was just unbearable, I thought I was going to pop out one of those aliens like in the movie. 

Missed a toasters show tonight because of this.

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