Thursday, February 12, 2009

UK sarcoidosis awareness petitions *UPDATE* NOW AT 564 Signatures!

He has promoted this on various sites and now he is featured in the local paper in Linwood where he lives.

Great Job Keith!

Lingwood man petitions prime minister about disease

Keith Bigland from Lingwood who suffers from the disease sarcoidosis, Photo: James Bass.

12 February 2009 12:10

Sarcoidosis petition on

A Norfolk man is petitioning the prime minister for more support and information about a little-known medical condition.

Keith Bigland, 41, from Lingwood, near Acle, has gathered 330 signatures so far on his petition on the Downing Street website. He suffers from sarcoidosis, a debilitating condition which causes tiny lumps in or on the body. It can affect many organs, particularly the lungs, and can even be fatal.

Mr Bigland's condition is mainly in his liver and causes him headaches, vision problems and loss of memory which makes even making a cup of coffee a difficult ordeal.

He has had to give up his job at Sainsbury's, although he hopes to return there when he starts treatment. He has been suffering from symptoms for three years and was diagnosed just over a year ago, but is still waiting for treatment because the condition is so little-known. He is also a carer for his wife Sue, who has a long-term medical condition.

His petition calls on Gordon Brown to promote awareness of and research into sarcoidosis, and warns that misdiagnosis can even lead to organs being removed wrongly.

He said that he and fellow sufferers have been buoyed up by the response to the petition. He said: “The petition has lifted everyone's spirits. It is all about awareness at the moment and this is helping to raise awareness.”

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Keith Bigland said...

Now at 360 signatures. Correct link is
or catch up with latest news on SILA or Inspire sites

Sarcoidosis Untied said...

Keith my bad, I fixed the link!

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