Friday, February 20, 2009

Crap for a Cure!

This is a part of a grassroots campaign lead by The Gardener to raise awareness and in this particular case Money for sarcoidosis. I was emailing back and forth with TG telling him that I wanted to hold a garage sale and send the proceeds to FRS Foundation for sarcoidosis research. He thought is was a great idea and took it a step further by designing some banners and yard signs. OK them we got ourselves something here now. 

TG thanks for your support on this. I am probably holding this garage sale very soon, as it's still too cold up here. I will also post all of the fun on here and who knows maybe together we can raise a significant amount of money this spring for FRS . I'm getting ready now with the following:

Make an inventory of everything I want to sell, (TVs stereos books and furniture mostly.)

Get the signs and banners!

Have my sarckie shirts clean and ready to wear that day!

Send out an invite to all the local sarckies!

Have some fresh coffee in the AM and some hot dogs on the grill in the PM

check with the town to see what date

Put in play some cheep advertisement that focuses on the neighborhood (town newsletter, craigslist)

Any other ideas I'm all ears!

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