Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sarc sufferers dealing with other illnesses

Friday I was having lunch at a spot I haunt in my route. I had some pork with rice and veggies. I carried on with the rest of my day. I had a meeting that evening and after the meeting we had dinner at the office. I noticed I was a bit full still from lunch so I just sort of had a sampler plate of everything that was there. It was buffet style as they brought in some caterers. On my way home around 8pm I called my wife and let here know I wasn't feeling to good and when I got home an hours didn't even go by until I started to regurgitate. I was praying to the porcelain gods for the next several hours until the diarrhea started, I had shivers was really cold despite the heater being on full blast. At about 2am I had enough and told my wife to take me to the hospital. By this time I'm dehydrated can barely speak, can't breath I'm Fatigued to the point that when I walked in to the emergency room they put me in a wheelchair. Well I know it's too late to make this story short but I'll try. They hook me up to IV fluids and gave me something to stop my vomiting. However I had to runs and I soiled myself while there, (never in my life). When the doctors came to look at me they were concerned because my blood work showed my white blood cell count way up and he said this might be the prednisone or it might also suggest something like Chrons disease since It runs in my family. I looked at my wife and told her not to worry it's not chrons I told the doc that My white blood cells are high because of the steroids and opted not to do the ct scan they wanted me to do. The couldn't diagnose me but I feel pretty confident that it was contaminated pork that did this. I finally got home yesterday around 8:am and rested the entire day making sure to keep hydrated .

My thinking is and I'm not sure about this so maybe someone can clarify, but those of us with sarc when we get hit with something like this or even just a common sold hits us harder that healthier folks? It sure seems like it, that or I'm just a big baby.

It just so happens the receptionist at the hospital also had sarc. Interesting huh? we are out there!

I'm at home resting up but I am feeling better now although I do have a tightness in my chest I started eating solids foods today. I should be good by tomorrow.

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mprr said...

I was wondering if there is anyone online here that is using hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or hbot, for any the symptoms we have. I know that many symptoms are treatable, because I work at a hypebaric oxygen clinic near Boston, but just having recently been diagnosed I really hadn't thought about using HBOT...Now I am thinking about it. Any thoughts?

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