Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prednisone, The wonder drug

Everyone reacts soooo differently to this drug so when one person says he or she feels this way someone else says yeah but I feel like that plus a little of this. The way this drug affects me is as followed:

I get fat, or at least my appetite opens up it's hard to control so I have to go on a diet while I'm on. I gained at least 35 lbs last year.

I got some acne (on my back)

I am usually full of energy but I can also get aggressive at times. Not like roid rage but just like me but more intense me, people who know me go ohhhh.  

Brain fog I'm not sure if this is the drug or the disease.

That's really it for me. I like most people enjoy having the extra energy or normal energy that is not achieved otherwise really. 

The other day I got rid of a bunch of "honey dos" that have been left half done for months. I like having this kind of energy. However it's a double edge sword because I could also end up with no bone mass one day. Next stop Methotrexate.

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