Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weight gain on prednisone

I was on prednisone for approximately 18 months and in that time I gained 35 lbs. I kept a low fat and low salt diet. I figured the salt would help me retain less water and the low fat well, you know. I got those ideas from a book called "coping with prednisone"  by Eugenia Zukerman  and, Julie R. Ingelfinger. 
My wife brought home a pedometer that was a promotional item where she works and it involved the show, the biggest loser. So I read the info and said, "what the hey" It said if you walked the recommended 10k steps a day it was the equivalent of going to the gym for 30min, 3 times a week. That's pretty good for just walking. Here's the best part for me. I do over 10k on a regular work day because my job has me walking around a lot. So now by setting myself a goal of 15k It might just do me good huh? I also got some jump ropes and that idea i attribute to my brother Jorge I remember he used to stay in shape by doing boxer's style training. Which is why I asked my wife for a heavy bad, a pair of boxing gloves and a timer so I can go a few round in my garage. I figured this would not only be good exercise but a good stress reliever as well? I'll let you know how it all works out. One thing for sure it's hard to avoid weight gain but I think I was lucky I only gained 35. Now I just hope to lose it. As I post this I weight 248lbs, 5 pounds less than 2 weeks ago. 


Ana said...

WOW, your blog is relatively new and I found it pretty fast.

I have been diagnosed since August of '07 after a lung biopsy and can relate to everything you are saying here. It all really sucks. They took me off the prednisone cause the CT Scan was clear, but I started having trouble breathing again and had to go back on it and just now they are trying to taper very slowly.

I was being treated by my pulmonologist in Brooklyn, but have recently gone back to Dr. Padilla.

Your blog is very well written and informative. I belong to this Yahoo group...

We have a wonderful group of well informed people there, if you'd like to join...

All the best to you.


Sarcoidosis Untied said...

Thanks Ana, Dr. Padilla is a great doctor your in really good hands. same thing happened to me when they took me of prednisone. Well see if any of the other meds work.

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