Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarcoidosis in Vermont

Here is another story that shows possible links between sarcoidosis, breathing in contaminated areas possibly asbestos or other dusts.  

"For a period of seven months, state employees were required to work under conditions which were recognized as unhealthy," Costello said. "The present condition of this building is a consequence of the failure of this administration to maintain its infrastructure."

"State workers are now housed in modular offices on the grounds of the complex. They were moved out of the office building after six workers were diagnosed with the rare disease
sarcoidosis, and many more complained of respiratory ailments."

It's amazing how we send people to work under these conditions. Even though I already have sarcoidosis I still wear a mask when doing anything that might involve dust or breathing in hazardous chemicals. It should probably start at a young age I remember in 5th grade shop class we used to wear goggles for safety but we probably should have been wearing a dust mask as well. I'm not saying you get sarcoidosis from cutting wood although some scientists have tried to link southern pine trees as one cause for sarcoidosis but just as a precaution I mean why are we breathing in wood dust anyway. Cant be good. I got off topic didn't I? Well here is the article

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