Friday, October 3, 2008

R.I.P. Bernie Mac

I know it's older news but how can there be a blog about sarcoidosis and not a mention of one of the few famous people who have it. Or that we know of at least. When He first died I was angry because they kept saying he died of "pneumonia" and the media or his family kept emphasizing that is was not the sarc. We know that the death rate with sarc is really low. This disease doesn't kill us as much as it makes us feel like crap everyday. But had the pneumonia hit a 50 year old man as hard as it hit Bernie if he had not had complications in his lungs to begin with? I don't know because Bernie's life with sarcoidosis was downplayed and understandably so. What about Reggie White? He had sarc in his heart and lungs. The man died from cardiac arrhythmia and they think his sleep apnea may have cause it?
I'm not saying there is a conspiracy but perhaps such a lack of knowledge for sarcoidosis may be to blame.
I always looked up to Bernie Mac as someone who could reach high levels of success with sarcoidosis, so for that I say Thanks, Bernie!

This is a really great article written about Bernie after his death, Bernie Mac's death puts sarcoidosis in spotlight By Judith Graham | Chicago Tribune reporter

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