Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Legislation for Autoimmune Diseases

Patrick Kennedy introduced H.R. 7078. A bill that would help bring much needed attention to funding research and awareness for auto immune diseases.

You would think with a war going on and the economy in shambles, not to mention it's an election year a bill like this would be over looked in congress. I hope that is not the case and I applaud Congressman Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island for this and I will email my congress person about how important this bill is so he can support it as well. With proper funding we will get closer to the day that there will be standard testings for these diseases and the development of better treatment or perhaps even a cure. 

With that I leave you this article New Legislation for Autoimmune Disease Applauded

here is a directory of congress representative that you can email to express your concern for this bill CONGRESS


Sarcoidosis Untied said...

This is the email I left for my congress man
Dear Congressman Steve Rothman,
I have notice a bill recently introduced by Congressman Patrick Kennedy from rhode Island H.R. 7078 known as the Prevention, Awareness, and Research of Autoimmune Diseases Act of 2008, to Congress on September 25, 2008.

I feel strongly about this because I have sarcoidosis a not so rare auto immune disease that has no known origin and no cure. Like other auto immune disease this disease has no standard tests to confirm diagnoses. So doctors are practically guessing you have it. A lot of people have it and don't even know, they often get miss diagnosed. I was thought to have cancer for about three months along with pneumonia and as one doctor said a "nasty virus".

I have provided you with 2 links one is if you would like to know more about sarcoidosis another for my story.

Please support this bill so that funding will allow further research and development of better treatments and perhaps one day a cure.

Mike said...

Great letter man! Great work!

Sarcoidosis Untied said...

This is another letter I sent

Dear congressman
I am writing this letter to express my interest in Bill H.R. 7078 introduced by congressman Patrick Kennedy from Rhode Island.
An Autoimmune disease is essentially when your immune system is flawed and attacks itself. My brother has ulcerative colitis. My mother in law had crohn's disease as did my brother-in-law, all of these auto immune disease. I suffer from Sarcoidosis an auto immune disease that doctors know very little of due to lack of funding which is why this bill is so important to me. Please support bill H.R. 7078 so that funding will allow further research and development of better treatments and perhaps one day a cure.

Sarcoidosis United

Sarcoidosis United
Sarcoidosis United